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Ready to attract more buyers to your website? We can help. Our high-traffic news sites act as effective landing pages that warm up potential buyers to your brand and offers, so you get more conversions and sales.
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We frequently secure a prime position on Google's first page for your targeted keywords with our articles, propelling a surge in visitor traffic to your website. Renowned search engines perceive these news site links as endorsements of significant authority, thereby bolstering your standing in search results and enhancing your online visibility.

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Our skilled writing team will masterfully develop a news story that amplifies your brand.



We'll publish your article on our vast network of over 200 news sites.



We'll send you a comprehensive report with live links, and you'll enjoy the boost in exposure and sales.

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Our articles can help you become a verified public figure of interest on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Show the world that you and your brand are worthy of attention and verification.
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Increase your sales by up to 48% with our customizable "As Seen On" trust badge. This badge builds trust and legitimacy with your visitors, making it more likely for them to convert into paying customers.

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Take advantage of the readership and authority that our partnered news sites have carefully cultivated over many years. Our ever-expanding network of news sites ranks highly on Google, ensuring that you will have access to high-quality readers who are interested in your content.









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Good team. They provide valuable feedback and timely updates, answering all questions with patience and I’ll certainly be using their services again.




Platform is effective and streamlined. While we had to limit the number of images and supplemental links, the overall user experience was uncomplicated and smooth. Worth the investment.




My go-to PR distribution service. The exposure received from each press release is phenomenal, with our stories appearing in hundreds of online media outlets.



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We guarantee prominent placements on top-tier news sites with a simple one-time payment.
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We stand behind our service and guarantee that your article will be published on 200 news sites. And if we don‘t deliver on our promise, you‘ll get your money back. We also guarantee publication on Digital Journal and AZ Central, an affiliate of USA Today, so you can trust us to deliver the results you need.

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Frequently Asked questions

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01. Why should I choose Brandpals to publish my article?

Brandpals offers an effortless and user-friendly platform for article writing and publishing. By completing our simple registration form, your well-crafted article will be live on over 200 news platforms in just 5-7 days. We bring high-quality content to the table without breaking your bank. Our established connections with numerous news outlets, professional expertise, and competitive prices make your publishing journey seamless. Moreover, our customer support team is always ready to assist you throughout the process.

02. What is the timeline for your service?

Our Pro and Plus packages typically take about a week from order placement to the delivery of your final report, exclusive of revisions. The Starter package is slightly quicker, generally taking 5 days for the same process. However, the provided article must adhere to our writing guidelines to avoid any delays. The entire publishing process takes around 5 days, which includes 2-4 days for actual publishing and an additional 1-2 days for report compilation. The article writing process takes about 48 hours, with revisions usually completed within 24-48 hours.

03. How long will my article remain live?

The news platforms we collaborate with generally keep articles live for a period between 3 to 24 months. For optimal SEO results, we recommend utilizing our services at least once a month.

04. Will all the backlinks be do-follow?

Primarily, larger news sites tend to publish no-follow links, while smaller news sites often use do-follow links. Although some clients express initial concerns regarding no-follow links, they typically notice a positive impact on their search positioning and continue to order monthly. In most cases, our clients observe an uplift in their ranking within the first month of receiving their report.

05. Can I promote affiliate products?

Yes, affiliate products can be promoted through our platform. However, we do not allow direct affiliate links within the article. We recommend having a landing page that contains your affiliate link.

06. What news platforms will my article be published on?

We have two major news networks for publication: Popular News Network: This network is suitable for most clients, featuring 200+ news sites, including affiliates of leading news platforms like FOX and USA Today.
Alternative News Network: This network is ideal for specific niches like Cryptocurrencies, Supplements, Alcohol, Dating, etc. It includes 200+ news sites excluding FOX. The Alternative News Network requires an upgrade of $59.

07. Do you offer white label reports?

We currently do not offer white label reports, but our team is actively working on this functionality.

08. How can Brandpals assist in getting me verified on social media?

Brandpals has assisted numerous individuals and brands in getting verified on social media platforms. Social media platforms require proof of public interest or notability, which is where our services come in handy. We can write and publish news stories about your brand on more than 200 news sites, providing the necessary proof for your social media verification. However, it's important to note that our services don't guarantee verification as social media platforms consider several factors during the verification process.

09. Will my website attract more visitors?

Our publications are adept at driving highly interested visitors to your website for years. These publications often rank on the first page of Google for relevant search terms, introducing your brand to thousands of potential customers. Being published on high-authority news sites also enhances your website's position on Google, leading to more traffic. Additionally, the exposure gained from our publications promotes direct traffic to your site.

10. What topics or businesses are not accepted?

We accept nearly all niches, with exceptions including Adult Content, Gambling, Government, Negative Press, Third Parties, and Weapons. Some niches are only accepted on our Alternative News Network, such as Acquisitions/Mergers/Partnerships/Sponsorship, Aesthetic Surgeries, Alcohol, Alternative Medicine/Metaphysical, Cryptocurrency, Dating, Financial Trading, Scam & Fraud Recovery Services, Live Streaming & Broadcasting, Legal Cases, Legal Marijuana/CBD, Music with Explicit Content Labels, Pharmacy/Legal Drugs, Religion, Selling Social Media Interactions, Supplements, Swimwear/Underwear/Leggings. If your niche isn't listed, it is accepted on both the Popular News Network and the Alternative News Network. If we are unable to publish an article about your business, we provide a full refund.

11. What information do you need to write the article?

To start crafting your article, we require:
- A topic for the article
- A link to your website
- Your business contact details
- A topic for the article
What should my article be about?
Your article can be a broad announcement about your business, emphasizing your unique features and benefits. Alternatively, it could focus on a newsworthy topic, like the launch of a new product or service.

12. What are your article guidelines if I write my own article?

If you opt to write your own article, kindly adhere to our writing guidelines (link to guidelines ).

13. Can I edit an article after it's published?

No, once an article goes live, it can't be edited. Therefore, it's crucial to thoroughly review the article before it's published. If changes are required after publishing, a fee of $150 will be charged to remove the live publications, and an additional $195 will be charged to republish the article. This process takes about a week to complete.

14. Will my article be published on major sites like FOX, USA Today, etc?

Your article won't be featured on the national websites of major news outlets like FOX or USA Today, as these are reserved for national news headlines. However, your article will be published on local affiliates like FOX 40 and FOX 34, which are the official websites for local TV stations and other influential news platforms with over 100 million visitors per month.

15. Can I review the article before it's published?

Yes, after our professional writers have completed your article, it is sent to you for approval. The Plus plan includes two rounds of revisions, and the Pro plan offers unlimited revisions.

16. Will each news site receive a different article?

No, all our plans involve publishing a single article across all 200+ news sites. This approach is effective for SEO as search engines understand the nature of news sites to post identical content. You will still reap the benefits of having your article and backlinks on high-authority websites. Many of our clients have reported substantial improvements in their search engine rankings after receiving their order report.

17. Will publications be labeled as sponsored content?

Some news platforms such as Digital Journal, Benzinga, and AZ Central do not display "sponsored content" or "advertisement" labels, making them perfect for sharing and for use during social media verification. Other sites like Market Watch and Fox may include a third-party writer's notice, and some sites may add a subtle "sponsored content" or "advertisement" label if required by local law. You can check our sample report to see which news sites display these labels.